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Q. I have tried firing fractional gallonage nozzles and they only work two or three weeks and plug up. Does everyone have that same problem?

  1. Fractional gallonage nozzles have become a very popular nozzle and are giving good satisfaction if properly used. First of all, do not remove a nozzle from its vial before you are ready to install it in the burner. That may contaminate it.

  2. Be sure an adequate supply line filter is installed. This size of nozzle should have a filter capable of removing particles over 50 microns. The problem is to know which filter will do that. Generally speaking, the paper filters are finer than the felt or woven filters that are generally available.

  3. Install a Delavan line filter for extra nozzle protection. Make sure all trapped air is removed and follow installation instructions.

  4. The Delavan Del-O-Flo nozzle may help. It was designed especially to minimize the usual plugging problems associated with low flow rates.

  5. Flush or blow out the nozzle line and adapter before installing the nozzle.

  6. If the nozzle runs exceptionally hot, find out why and remove the cause.


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