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Q. If the burner sometimes fails to ignite smoothly and starts with a puff, what can be done to improve it?

  1. Check the electrode points for proper spacing. The points should be 1/8" to 3/16" apart, 9/16" above the centerline of the nozzle and then spaced correctly forward from the face of the nozzle for each different spray angle.

  2. Clean carbon and dirt from the points and from the insulators.

  3. The transformer may be weak and not delivering full voltage or current. If you don't have another transformer immediately available, file the electrodes to a sharp point. This will give a better spark.

  4. Check for cracked insulators. Sometimes an insulator may be cracked under the electrode bracket and it is difficult to find. This could cause a high voltage leak, thus reducing the voltage at the points.

  5. A partially plugged nozzle causing off-center spray can cause delayed ignition. Above about 2.50 GPH a hollow cone spray sometimes may cause delayed ignition. Changing to a solid cone sometimes helps that situation.

  6. The air setting on the burner may be wide open, thus tending to blow the fire out before it is established. Adjust the air correctly.


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