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Q. The fire in a burner is always off center and heavy on the right side. I can't find a nozzle that will straighten up the fire. What should I do?

  1. If the flame is always heavy on one side, the nozzle does not cause it. It would be impossible to make a nozzle spray that is heavy on one side and always have it come up on the same side of the burner.

  2. Check the position of the nozzle in the burner head. The chances are it is off to one side or the other.

  3. With a short burner tube, the air stream may be stronger on one side than the other. That will give the appearance of an off center fire.

  4. If the burner is installed to one side of the combustion chamber, the flame may also give the appearance of being heavy on one side.

  5. If the nozzle spray pattern is off center due to contamination or any other reason, it may make a flame, which is heavy on one side, but it could be in any direction.


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