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Q. I have a job on which it is difficult to clean up the fire. What should I do?

  1. Check the fire to see whether it is off center (see discussion of off center fires next question).
  2. Check the fan blades and if they are covered with lint and dirt, clean them.
  3. If this is a conventional oil burner, check for a burned-off end cone.
  4. Check the oil pressure to be sure that it is at least 100 PSI.
  5. Check for a plugged line filter or pump strainer.
  6. If the smoke is at the outside edges of the fire, try a narrow angle nozzle.
  7. If the smoke occurs at the end of the fire, it might be well to try a wider spray angle.
  8. The burner may have insufficient air capacity for this firing rate.
  9. The burner may have too high air capacity for this firing rate. This would mean that the burner head couldn't handle a low firing rate.
  10. It might just be a very inefficient burner, which cannot be made to burn clean.
  11. The nozzle may be partially plugged, resulting in poor atomization.
  12.  The oil may have a high viscosity or it might be cold, resulting in a collapsing spray.
  13. Get sufficient air into the boiler room. If necessary, put in an air intake pipe with a screen and storm cover.


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