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ProTek Nozzle System


The Delavan ProTekô Nozzle System has proven extremely effective in the efficient delivery of fuel oil in home heating systems. This unique, patented System from Delavan provides significant reductions in combustion pollutants for cleaner air. The ProTekô Nozzle System includes a factory-installed, one-piece Valve Component, which reduces smoke and oil smell in the off cycle by preventing oil after-drip from the nozzle. Also, the reduction of smoke (carbon and soot) helps maintain burner set up efficiency longer and extend the time period between appliance clean ups. The Valve Component is also sold separately to replace the standard filter on a Delavan nozzle.

The dramatic benefits of the ProTekô Nozzle System include greater heating efficiency, reduction - even elimination - of start-up rumble for cleaner air and safer home heating. Every Delavan home heating nozzle is 100% quality tested.



Hydrocarbon emissions are greatly reduced when the Delavan ProTek Nozzle System is used. Hydrocarbons are typically elevated at start-up and shutdown of the nozzle firing, as both of these graphs show. When the ProTek Nozzle System is installed, the dramatic benefits are seen in these charts which show comparative results with and without the ProTek valve. Results will vary by application.

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