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Airo Air Atomizing Nozzles



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The Industrial Airo Nozzle is an air atomizing nozzle designed to handle #2, #4, and preheated #5 and #6 fuels. Air is supplied at relatively low pressure to provide the energy for atomization. Air atomizing nozzles provide good atomization of fuels too viscous for pressure atomizing nozzles. They can also provide finer breakup if sufficient air is available.

The Airo Nozzle is of the internal mixing type. That means that the air and fuel are piped separately to the nozzle and are mixed just before they enter the atomizing slots. The air under pressure is mixed thoroughly with the fuel in the swirl chamber so that a uniform emulsion is discharged through the orifice. The resultant spray is well atomized in a solid cone pattern.

The cost of equipment with air atomizing nozzles is higher than for equivalent pressure atomizing nozzles because of the addition of the compressor. The power requirement is also higher because of the extra power required to compress air. These disadvantages are offset, however, by the advantages in handling of heavy fuels.






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